Notice Board

This Notice Board is for the free use of doctors in the Asia Pacific region and for international doctors wishing to contact them. APFM has set up a register for doctors seeking assistance or offering assistance.

Dear colleagues,

I am Dr Asoka Jayasena, Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist in Sri Lanka and have set up a school for Tsunami victimized children those who are living in temporary shelters in Galle, Sri Lanka.  This is the first time in Sri Lanka this type of school started in Sri Lanka for Tsunami children.

In this charity school the children are parentless, homeless and displaced following Tsunami disaster and living in temporary shelters. I donated my ancestral home for this worthy cause.  This school has over 300 Tsunami affected poor children.  This school offers free Preschool, Computer school, English school, Library and Medical clinic to children.

Please visit our website

Dr Asoka Jayasena FRCS
Consultant Otolarnyngologist
PIN Foundation,
Sri Lanka.